Failed Rapport


The drawing was created by me when I was a child. Observing the work of my mother, a textile designer who used to work at the mill, I tried to create a textile rapport (a repetitive pattern for fabric production) of my own and dreamt of becoming a designer like my mother. This pattern also carries the desires of its time: new heroes of Soviet children – Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck – which were just entering these territories as the symbols of new era of market economy.

The pattern was never printed as my mother didn’t take it seriously; the dream to become as my mother never came true due to the changes in all priorities after a collapse of the Soviet Union. In psychology ‘rapport’ means ‘mutual understanding’, thus, for me this work is not just about a dream but also about complexity of the family relationships. 

Nevertheless, in 2017 I decided to break this failure circle by printing the fabric with my own design and making my childhood dream come true. I stitched a skirt from it, which I wear for the special occasions related to this work.